Supporting companies
in their energy
Climate change requires an in depth transformation of the way we live, work, produce.
Energy and the way we use it have a key role to play.

“My ambition is to support them and work side by side with them in this crucial transformation.”

What can we do ?


Customers, employees, investors require changes from organizations (countries, cities, companies…) and the pressure will continue to grow.

There is no easy and ready-to-go answer in tackling the energy transition. It’s a disruptive change impacting various functions, populations…. requiring a holistic approach and a global strategy.

Energy transition requires organizations to engage in a journey, not a short trip.

Turning risks into opportunities

Climate change demands a radical change in the way we live, work, produce.

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Who am I ?

Relying on my experience in energy, I support companies in defining their ambition in energy transition, assessing their situation, understanding what can be done, defining the right goals and strategy and plan for this challenge.

I have 15+ year experience in energy (electricity production and transport, renewables): business intelligence, strategy, marketing and communication in complex international and cross-cultural organizations, and bring listening and analytics skills as well as results-driven and pragmatic strategies.

"Listening skills, analytical skills as well as a pragmatic and results-oriented approach"